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Every event is a unique puzzle, with a multitude of pieces. Unlike most puzzles, though, there’s only one chance to get it right. So to make sure everything comes together on the day, we follow seven distinct strands of activity:

1. Understanding objectives.

What’s the event for? How will you know it’s been successful? There’s no point running an event simply because you always do. We talk to you about what outcomes will make the event worth doing for you, for your organisation, and for the people who attend.

2. Putting the infrastructure in place

Next, we look at the overall shape of the event and the component parts. We discuss venues, accommodation, the nature of the programme and much more. What’s needed to help you achieve your objectives? What’s non-negotiable? What should we avoid? We gather information, give you ideas and advice, and take you to possible venues. With this bare bones infrastructure agreed, we start to fill in the details so you get exactly what you need on the day.  

3. Developing the creative concept

We talk about how you want the event to look and feel, and what sort of experiences you want attendees to have. This leads to a strategy, out of which the creative theme will flow. We then apply this theme across all the details of the event. We encourage creative input from everyone – clients, suppliers and each one of own team members.  

4. Following robust management procedures

Our tried and tested processes, documents and reports keep the project on track, on brief, on budget and on time. There are three core documents: One, a complete project plan, showing detailed milestones. Two, the event budget. Three, a status report that tracks every detail of each aspect of the project. You can check live progress at any time by accessing project reports via Client Area.  

5. Working as a team

Our team works together closely, sharing knowledge and skills. There’s a strong focus on keeping clear and consistent records. This means others can deal with queries or quickly pick up a project if the account manager is absent.

6. Building strong relationships with suppliers

From AV equipment to T-shirts, every service or product is provided by people we trust and who go out of their way to do a good job at a good price.

7. Building strong relationships with clients

Your goals drive everything we do. We work both for you and with you; you get to know us, and we get to know you. Account managers keep in touch and make sure you're involved in decisions and up to date with progress. It’s their priority to give you the confidence that your event is in safe hands.


“Assured Events have been absolutely fantastic. I couldn't imagine conceiving this event without them. Their creativity and imagination has added a new dimension to our conference, which has been brilliant!”

Director of Finance: BUFDG


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