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Client: Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Event: General Managers’ Conference

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is relatively new to the UK but is growing at a phenominal rate. The first conference we produced had 65 attendees. Three years later there were over 200!


The brief was simply “the last thing this conference should look like, is a conference”.


Particular challenges:
The challenge was two-fold. We had to get over 200 people, many of whom hadn’t met each other, to feel as one and immediately recognise the company culture pervading the entire event. Secondly, the event needed to retain that culture of a small but rapidly growing, dynamic company. but on a much larger scale.


Manchester conference organiser Five Guys venue

How did we meet the objectives and overcome challenges:

We hired the Hammersmith Apollo for the conference - the ultimate music venue.  Anyone who is anyone has played there - all the big names (except Elvis!).  The event had a ‘1980s’ theme throughout, from the invites (a cassette in a Sony Walkman) to the ‘bum bags with currency to buy 1980s fancy dress, stage dressing, vintage arcade games and an 80s Bandeoke, whereby guests could sing to a real live backing band.  We also had dance instructors on hand to teach classic 80s moves such as the worm, the Moonwalk, robotics and plenty more.  The evening phase ended with a classic dance off.  Senior managers and Directors threw themselves into the event and led from the front!

Overnight we had to reconfigure the spaces and set up for the conference element, a showcase of over 20 suppliers and an awards presentation in readiness for the next day.  Day two was a similarly 1980s affair full of vintage footage, retro sweets and catering and themed prizes such as digital polaroid cameras, arcade games, swatch watches and a lasershow jukebox.

Assured Events received an over all feedback score of over 97%!
We are already well into the planning for the 2018 event but the theme is totally under wraps!

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“Assured Events worked really well with us, and really hard for us. They came up with some great ideas, and helped make any ideas we had become reality. The event was a massive success, which ran smoothly every step of the way with Assured Events at the helm. They were quick to implement any idea or changes we made and always without it being any trouble and always with a smile on their faces.”
Five Guys - Operations Director