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Client: The University Catering Officers (TUCO)
Event: Supplier Showcase

TUCO wanted the opportunity to promote their north-west partners (catering suppliers) to their members (educational and local authority buyers).


Particular challenge:
TUCO wanted to put on something of reasonable scale but had no idea what the take-up would be as this was a first. Also, the venue would have to be flexible as many of the caterers would want access to commercial kitchens to help them prepare and promote their products.



How did we meet the objectives and overcome challenges:

To test the water, we kept the event reasonably small and set a limit of 20 exhibitors. The Select Stadium in Widnes was decided upon as the venue based on accessibility, price and facilities. In addition to the opportunity to sponsor the entire event, we also set up low level sponsorship opportunities for attending companies, such as lanyard and delegate pack sponsorship.

We arranged for four speaker sessions to run within the exhibition area, which could be attended by both delegates and exhibitors.

All exhibitors signed up on-line as did the delegates, who were emailed about the opportunity.


The exhibition was actually over-subscribed and we had a waiting list! We had around 70 attendees, from all over the north and the midlands, including a number of ‘walk-ins’ on the day.

93% of delegates valued their attendance at the event and 100% rated the Assured Events staff support as good or excellent. 80% said that they would be highly likely to attend another event.

100% of exhibitors regarded the event as a good or excellent use of their time and they awarded the same score for support from Assured Events.

Similar activities are now being scoped out for other regions of the UK.

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“Thoroughly enjoyable day! Created some great opportunities & helped to increase our visibility with members.”
Exhibitor: TUCO Supplier Showcase


“This was a great show for us and worth our time attending.”
Exhibitor: TUCO Supplier Showcase


“Great day. Hope it grows into a bigger event!”
Delegate: TUCO Supplier Showcase