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Client: Argos
Event: The Bigger Picture

The 300-employee event was being run to enhance collaboration and improve people’s ability to work efficiently and effectively. To help reinforce these key messages, Argos asked Assured Events to provide a team build activity that would be perceived as a welcomed break in a busy conference agenda, whilst still focussing on the key business messages.


Particular challenge:
Finding an activity that all 300 could participate in, whilst retaining the core business message. Also, due to the busy schedule of the conference, the time available was limited to one hour.



How did we meet the objectives and overcome challenges:

We proposed a range of activities, and Argos decided upon the “Bigger Picture”. This is a brilliant painting activity that requires both individual skill and teamwork.

After a couple of warm-up activities, (including air guitar!), the group’s creative juices were flowing and they were ready to embark on their “Bigger Picture” challenge.

Split into teams, each table had a range of large blank jigsaw pieces and an envelope within which were miniature jigsaw pieces, each featuring part of an image. It was the team’s task to recreate the image printed on the smaller jigsaw, onto the bigger jigsaw – sounds simple?

Well, not quite. The jigsaw pieces allocated to a team didn’t necessarily fit with each other, so delegates had to communicate amongst themselves to find their jigsaw neighbour – not an easy task when you have a possible 299 neighbours!

Once everyone had completed their artwork, the big build could take place. Piece by piece, delegates were called up to add to the jigsaw and the image started to take shape. Each layer added more detail, yet concealed enough to keep the group guessing. It was only when the final layer was added that the group could see the true extent of their creation. The delegates had enjoyed a chance to recharge and the new strategy messages had also been delivered.


The client organising team rated Assured Events at 97% for value for money and 100% for support during planning and delivery.

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“Assured Events were extremely professional and a joy to work with beginning to end. The activity they organised for our event really captured the essence of our message for the day and came together perfectly. No small feat given the really strict time constraints (both in time to plan and execution of the activity itself). A good time was had by all and Assured Events made the process stress free.”
Workflow Manager: Argos