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Client: Coca-Cola Enterprises – Energy Team
Event: Lights, Camera, Action!

To enable people within the Energy Team to get to know each other so they could work more effectively together. The team building session was organised as part of a business briefing day.


Particular challenge:
There were 50 attendees in total from a number of different regional teams. Some were relatively new to the business and many had not met each other before. In addition to the regional barriers, there were people from different disciplines within each team. The challenge was to engage everyone in an activity that would be both fun and effective in promoting team working.



How did we meet the objectives and overcome challenges:

We hired space at Pinewood Studios for the day. Over lunch, we broke down the morning set up and mixed up the group into five teams. Each was given a TV genre (the news, the Apprentice, a children’s TV show etc), and tasked with creating a 2.5 min film that had to end on an agreed punchline and include a specific prop.

Training was given on using cameras and sound equipment, and props were provided. The teams then had to appoint a director, camera and sound people, actors, location finders, scriptwriters etc., and set about creating their films. Instructions were provided on how to specify what was to be edited together. The films were then edited overnight and shown at the conclusion of the following day’s business briefing.

It was surprising how quickly people got into their respective roles – it was huge fun, and, because the end product would be so visible and shown in front of colleagues, the groups really threw themselves into turning out some fantastically funny material!


The client organiser rated Assured Events at 95% for creativity and 100% for client service.

This was the first time we had worked with this particular client contact, and on the back of the event’s success we were recommended to further client teams.

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“Thanks so much for coming up with the filming team build at Pinewood Studios. The team loved it, it gave them all a chance to meet new faces and they have been buzzing ever since.”
BDM: Coca-Cola Enterprises


“This was the best team activity I’ve ever done – met loads of people in the energy drink team that I’ve only ever spoken to.”
Energy Team Member: Coca-Cola Enterprises