Search Engine Optimisation
SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. We can help improve your search visibility, increase website traffic and make more sales.
Search Engine Optimisation

There are two key types of Search Engine Optimisation we offer:

  1. Organic SEO
  2. Google Pay Per Click (PPC)

The most suitable option depends on what your are trying to achieve.

Google Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google Pay Per Click is great for for advertising products on eCommerce websites. We can link your online shops products, to an automated feed direct into Google. This Google feed can then be linked to a Google PPC campaign. Relevant Google searches will then produce an image, price and description of your products, along with a link to your store so people can make a quick and easy purchase.

The other way to make use of PPC is to promote special offers and seasonal discounts.

Google PPC campaigns have no contract, no budget or time limits. We can manage how much you spend and when to show your ads. We are in full control, there are no hidden costs or unexpected fees.

Organic SEO

Organic Search Engine Optimisation is the ethical way of getting your website high up on page one of Google, through it's own strength; we achieve this through sound website construction and being aware of your competitors page rankings - so we can out-perform them.

The benefits of organic SEO is it is long term, it does not stop, as Google PPC does, when you stop the good ethical SEO work is there to stay! If you leave it, you will drop only if your competitors activity rises.

Organic SEO is great for raising your companies profile and making consumers aware of your businesses products and services, values and ethical standing etc. Being well ranked on Google through organic SEO, provides people with confidence in your business and it's quality, as Google will have ranked you accordingly on these values.

Do not delay, the longer you take to get in touch with us, the longer it will take to make your website search engine friendly!

Reasons to purchase from Nicho Media
  • 100% refund if not satisfied
  • Project delivered to pre-agreed price - no hidden extras
  • We adhere to agreed time scales
  • Monthly support and maintenance plans
  • Broad portfolio to view before you buy
  • Demonstration available of our content management software
  • Free lifetime telephone support and training
  • We deliver what you want, not the easiest solution
  • We only use tried and tested open source software
  • Stage payment plans available