Website Security
Website secuirty is an issue to be taken seriously and we encourage all of our customers to be proactive rather than reacitve. Midwinter Web Design offers all of it's cusotmers a proactive website security service.
Website Security

The key features of this service cover:

  • Internet security software
  • Regular website backups and storage
  • SSL (green padlock) certificates, for secure communications
  • Stable secure web servers, managed and maintained in the UK
  • Current up-to-date PHP and MySQL software

We also offer support and guidance for your website's Privacy Policy and Cookie notification.

Website Performance

A key factor to ensure, after being confident your website is as safe and secure as it can be, is it's perfomrnace.

We can analyse and provide tips and insights to help make sure your website is running at optimal speed. This is very importnat if you have a eCommerce web store.

We have several years experience working with the Opencart eCommerce platform, the Wordpress content management system and Joomla's content mangement software.

General website services

To aid your website's security, if you have a hacked website, older or broken website, or it is not responsive (scaling it's appearance or viewing on mobiles, tablets and laptops).

We will help you ensure your website is working for you with strong 'Calls to action' and engaging content and pictures.

Website optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation and Google Pay Per Click can be key to help your website be found! We create bepoke packages tailored to your exact needs to ensure your pructs and or services are being found by the people and businesses who need them.

If you are unsure or would like a firendly chat about any of our website secuirty and performance services then please contact us.


Reasons to purchase from Nicho Media
  • 100% refund if not satisfied
  • Project delivered to pre-agreed price - no hidden extras
  • We adhere to agreed time scales
  • Monthly support and maintenance plans
  • Broad portfolio to view before you buy
  • Demonstration available of our content management software
  • Free lifetime telephone support and training
  • We deliver what you want, not the easiest solution
  • We only use tried and tested open source software
  • Stage payment plans available